We can supply new complete shape measuring system. Revamp, service and overhaul any popular roll shape measuring system like ABB, Hitachi, etc.from our Korean principal

Shape-meter System with direct contact force sensor

Measuring roll has high reliable magneto-elastic force sensor in roller shaft every 90 deg. There are four snapshots of the flatness profile for every revolution. From Magneto-elastic force sensor, Shape-meter System can measure force distribution with width direction and then evaluate shape profile at online. Because of contact type force sensor, it can be measure at online with production.

High Overload capability force sensor

Long Term Stability and Harsh environment proven

Strong AC output direct from force sensor

True Parallel Flatness Measurement Sensor Arrangement

Shape-meter System Components

Measurement Speed Range : 0.5 ~ 4,000 m/min

Measurement Frequency : 4 times per one rev

Sensitivity roll : 0.7 N or 0.03N (type dependent)

Maximum No. of Zone : 65 zone

Measurement Computation Time : <5 ms

PC Based HMI by Labview

Minimum Wrap angle : 4 or 10 degree

High reliability, accuracy(0.5 I-unit), insensitive to transient tension change, Long term stability

Direct force sensor can be installed up 65 zones that has a resolution of either 26mm, 52mm. Direct contact force will be related to elongation due to hook’s law

Shape-meter System can give best service for achieving the best flatness products

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