Industrial Fan & Blower

Our OEM from INDIA/CHINA/SINGAPORE can design, manufacture and supply multi-purpose blower according to customer requirement, including Large air capacity Fan, High pressure fan, Middle pressure fan, and Custom Heavy-Duty blower fan as much as 6000 kw motors.
The products are with reliable performance and good quality, which ensures you get the most suitable products at competitive price.

  • Industrial / Heavy duty / special application centrifugal fans
  • Axial fans
  • Smoke and heat exhaust fans
  • Fire/explosion proof fans
  • Large air capacity fan with 400000M3 /hour
  • Middle pressure fans up to 9000 pa
  • High Pressure fans 27000 pa
  • Fans designed for high temperature area up to 500 Degree Celsius
  • Gas proof/fire proof/explosion proof fans
  • Stainless steel and fibreglass fans
  • Customized heavy-duty fans
  • Fans suitable for high erosion application and low wear and tear
  • Major application like boiler, dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification, cement, metallurgy, power generation, gas and materials delivery, Fume exhaust, etc.

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