Shot Blasting Machine



Shot Blasting Machine

A shot blasting machine is a device used to clean, smooth, or prepare the surface of metal or other materials by forcefully propelling small particles called “shot” or “media” onto the surface. This process is also known as shot blasting.

The working principle of a shot blasting machine is as follows:

  1. The particles (media), typically made of metal, plastic, or ceramic, are loaded into the machine’s chamber.
  2. The machine creates a strong airflow or blasting wheel to accelerate these particles and propel them onto the surface to be cleaned or prepared.
  3. As the particles impact the surface, they remove dirt, rust, old paint, or other coatings and effectively roughen the surface texture.

Shot blasting machines are used in various industries including automotive manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, metal processing, and infrastructure maintenance. This process helps improve the adhesion strength for new surface coatings, reduce imperfections on metal surfaces, and prepare the surface for subsequent processes such as painting or coating.



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