Product Details

PT. Indo Illam Indah has been trading and manufacturing Stainless Steel for the past 8 years. With its vast experience and in-depth knowledge of steel in Indonesia, PT INDO ILLAM INDAH can offer the best that is there, to be offered from Indonesia. We are seeking to widen our base of customers and with that goal we have formed a partnership with BNM Steel to promote their products. With our company’s guarantee of offering the best there is in the business, you can rest assure that BNM’s products are top-notch.

The BNM Steel Plant, which was established in Oct 1996, is the first steel plant of its kind in Indonesia to offer narrow width thin gauge Stainless Steel with bright annealing. Having a production capacity of 500 Tons, with more than half of the output being exported to various countries in Asia, Europe and America and equipped with state-of-the-art Sendzimer Cold Rolling Mill, from I2S, USA, Bright Annealing Furnace from EBNER, 2-High Skin Pass Mill from United Engineering and Foundry Co., USA, and Precision Slitting Lines, the plant produces Stainless Steel of the highest quality in the country that meets international standards. Located at the most modernized industrial estate, with 15000 M2 of land area and with some of the best employees working round the clock, the Company leaves no stone unturned to offer quality and precision that our customers demand.

Thicknessrange : 0.08 to 0.5 mm
Width : 5 to 500 mm
They can accept customs made technical specification other than ASTM and JIS.
Main raw material source is from POSCO Korea, Jindal and Japan.

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