Knowledge is ours Success is yours

PT INDO ILLAM INDAH has been established since 2003 as an import and export-trading house in small office with one man as its director, administrator, purchaser and marketing man.Today we are proud to have office, factory and a warehouse at 2 different places, and gained a name for INDO ILLAM INDAH in the stainless steel market in Indonesia.With stainless steel and low carbon steel shots as its core business, our annual turnover during the financial year 2015, reached 1.25 million USD.I personally feel success behind our growth, not just sell the product but to educate the customer to get the maximum benefits of the product, which he buys from us.
I am proud to say we are the first supplier to bring successfully the low nickel stainless steel into Indonesia market, and today almost 5000 tons/month is being used by various sector.Another reason for our success, we always attend the customer complaints. Visit them, analyze the cause of the issue; provide them with technical inputs, until he is satisfied. Many times we were invited by the customer to guide them for the products supplied by other supplier.I always tell the customer never mind if you don’t buy from us, but understand the product that you are buying, and pay for its worthiness No more No less.Ensure the customer is paying for, what product is worth for will be our goal, our focus and our every minute breath.

Our valued customer