Low Carbon Steel Shot

Product Detail: High-Performance Low Carbon Steel Shot

Hard on Corrosion, Gentle on the Machine

The quality of steel shot is judged by three essential criteria: price, high cleaning performance, and low consumption. An additional benefit is reduced wear on the parts of the blasting machine that come into contact with the blasting media, such as wheel blades, impellers, and linings.

Key Benefits of Our Low Carbon Steel Shot (FERROSAD)

  • High Cleaning Performance: Achieve superior cleaning results with minimal consumption.
  • Reduced Machine Wear: Unlike high carbon steel shot, which breaks into sharp-edged fragments that grind wear parts of the blasting machines, our low carbon steel shot remains round and intact due to its crack-free bainitic microstructure.
  • Optimal Wear Behavior: The steel balls harden through cold working and wear abrasively, maintaining their round shape and gradually becoming smaller until removed by the air separator.
  • Ideal Operating Mix: This wear behavior develops an ideal operating mix with nominal, medium, and fine grain sizes, resulting in optimal blasting outcomes and minimal wear on blasting machines.

Chemical Analysis and Hardness

  • C (Carbon): Approximately 0.10%
  • Si (Silicon): Approximately 0.15%
  • Mn (Manganese): Approximately 1.15%
  • P (Phosphorus): Approximately 0.015%
  • S (Sulfur): Approximately 0.015%
Hardness (HV1) in Accordance with ISO 11125-3
  • When New: 390-430 HV1
  • In Operation: 440-480 HV1
Bulk Weight
  • 4.35-4.55 kg/dm³, depending on grain size

A Small Grain That Makes a Big Difference

Choose our low carbon steel shot (FERROSAD) for your blasting operations to ensure high performance, longevity of your equipment, and cost-effectiveness. Contact PT. Indo Illam Indah today for more information and to place your order.

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